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Chronology of the productions directed by Tadashi Suzuki

“The Anniversary” (by Anton Chekhov), Tokyo
“Kashima ari” (by Minoru Betsuyaku), Tokyo
“Death of the Salesman” (by Arthur Miller), Tokyo
“Three Sisters” (by Anton Chekhov), Tokyo “A and B, and a Woman” (by Minoru Betsuyaku), Tokyo “The Flies” (by Jean-Paul Sartre), Tokyo
“The Elephant” (by Minoru Betsuyaku), Tokyo
“The Crucible” (by Arthur Miller), national tour
“A Streetcar Named Desire” (by Tennessee Williams), Tokyo
Suzuki founds a theatre company Waseda Shogekijo together with Minoru Betsuyaku, Hiroshi Ono, Ikuko Saito, Kosuke Tsutamori and others.
Completion of the theatre space named “Waseda Shogekijo”, Tokyo
“The Temple Gate” (by Minoru Betsuyaku), Tokyo
“The Little Match Girl” (by Minoru Betsuyaku) for the opening of the new theatre, Waseda Shogekijo, Tokyo
After this, the company bases on the Waseda Shogekijo, Tokyo
“Shokudai” (by Masayuki Nobeyama), Tokyo
“Usagi to Tanuki” (by Osamu Dazai), Tokyo
“Shitakiri Suzume” (by Osamu Dazai), Tokyo
“My Beatles or Funeral” (by Makoto Sato), Tokyo
“The Smile of Dr. Maximillian” (by Minoru Betsuyaku), Tokyo
“Narukami” (composition by Suzuki based on Kabuki play), Tokyo
“Lower Depth” (composition by Suzuki and Minoru Betsuyaku based on Maxim Gorky’s play), Tokyo
“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅰ” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
“A Girl’s Mask” (by Juro Kara), Tokyo
“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅱ” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
“Natsu Shibai White Comedy” (composition by Suzuki based on the plays by Nanboku Tsuruya), Tokyo
“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅲ” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
“Somekaete Gonichi no Omemie” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
Participation in Théâ tre des Nations Festival in Paris (artistic director, Jean-Louis Barrault) with“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅱ”
Since then, Suzuki has been invited to Theatre Festivals from all over the world and has performed in 31 countries, 83 cities.
“Don Hamlet” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅱ” in Nancy (Nancy Festival), Paris, Amsterdam
“On the Dramatic Passions Ⅱ New Version”, Tokyo
Appointed artistic director of Iwanami Hall, Tokyo
“The Trojan Women” (by Euripides), Tokyo”
“Night and the Clock” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
The company moves to Toga.
Opening of converted farmhouse theatre, Toga Sanbo in Toga village, Toyama Prefecture with “Night and Feast, Part 1” (composition by Suzuki)
“Mirrors and Cabbages” (by Yasunari Takahashi), Tokyo
“Night and Feast, Part Ⅱ” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
“The Bacchae” (by Euripides), Tokyo
“Night and Feast, Part Ⅲ” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
“Shadow of Death” (composition by Suzuki) at Festival d’ Automne, Paris
“Night and Feast, Part Ⅳ- Home Medicine” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
Teaches the Suzuki Method of Actor Training at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Teaches the Suzuki Method of Actor Training at the Julliard School in New York for 3 years
Bilingual production“The Bacchae” with the actors from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Toga
Musical“Sweeney Todd” (music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim), Tokyo
Teaches the Suzuki Method of Actor Training at the Univerisity of California - San Diego, USA
Founds and becomes Chairman of the Japan Performing Arts Center (JPAC) in Toga
The First International Theatre Festival of Japan: “Toga Festival”, in Toga
“Chusankai” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
Launches “Toga International Actor Training Program”, requested by four universities in US; the Julliard School, the Univerisity of California - San Diego, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the Southern Methodist University
“Clytemnestra” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
“Tragedy - the Fall of the House of Atreus” (composition by Suzuki), Tokyo
Changed his company’s name from Waseda Shogekijo to Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT)
“King Lear” (by William Shakespeare), Toga
“Three Sisters” (by Anton Chekhov), Toga
“The Cherry Orchard” (by Anton Chekhov), Toga
“The Tale of Lear” co-produced by four Ameican Regional Theatres; the Stage West in Springfield, Massachusetts, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Arena Stage in Washington- D.C., and Berkeley Repertory Theatre in California, touring cities of the US for 147 performances.
Appointed artistic director of and launches the Mitsui Festival (sponsored by Mitsui Group), Tokyo.
“Uncle Vanya” (by Anton Chekhov), Toga
Appointed artistic director of Acting Company Mito (ACM), in Mito
“Hamlet” (adapted from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet), Toga
“Dionysus” (by Euripides), Mito
“Macbeth” (by William Shakespeare), Mito
“Greetings from the Edge of the Earth” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
Holds Master Class of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training in Toga
Founds Saratoga International Theatre Institute (SITI) with American Director, Anne Bogart in Saratoga Springs, New York.
“Ivanov” (by Anton Chekhov), Mito
“The Chronicle of Macbeth” directed for Playbox Theatre in Melbourne, Australia
Forms International committee of Theatre Olympics with Theodoros Terzopoulos (Greece), Robert Wilson (USA), Yuri Lyubimov (Russia), Heiner Müller (Germany) and others
“Juliet” (adapted from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet), Toga
Founds BeSeTo (Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo)Theatre Festival of three countries, Japan, China and Korea with Kim Eui Kyung (President of Korean Centre of International Theatre Institute) and Xu Xiao Zhong (President of the Central Academy of Drama, China)
The 1st BeSeTo Theatre Festival in Seoul
“The Shrinkng Japan Rises Again” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
Appointed General Artistic Director of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC)
The 1st Theatre Olympics in Athens and Delphi
“Electra” (by Hofmannsthal) co-directed with Satoshi Miyagi, Toga
“John Silver” (by Juro Kara), Toga
“Kachi Kachi Yama” (by Osamu Dazai), Toga
“King Lear” and “Dionysus” for the opening of Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
The opera “Vision of Lear” (music written by Toshio Hosokawa) for the Munich Biennale, International Festival for New Music Theatre
“The Mirror House” (compositon by Suzuki), Toga
“Kanashii Sake” (compositon by Suzuki), Shizuoka
“Kachi Kachi Yama” and “Dionysus” for the opening of Shizuoka Arts Theatre
The 2nd Theatre Olympics in Shizuoka, hosted by SPAC
“Cyrano de Bergerac” (by Edmond Rostand), Shizuoka
“Sayonara Toga Festival” (composition by Suzuki), Toga
Founds and becomes Chairman of the board of directors of Japan Performing Arts Foundation (JPAF, a nationwide network of theatre artists)
“Oedipus Rex” (by Sophocles), Shizuoka
Noh play“Utoh” (composition by Suzuki) with Hideo Kanze as Shite (leading role), Shizuoka
“Cinderella - Bride of the Vampire” (composition by Suzuki), Shizuoka
The opera “Vision of Lear” with singers of the Bolshoi Opera and other opera houses of Russia, Moscow
“Oedipus Rex” co-produced by Cultural Olympiad and Düsseldorf Schauspiel Haus, performed in Düsseldorf and Theatre Epidaurus (Greece)
“The Chekhov” (composition by Suzuki), Shizuoka
Called by Ministry of Culture of Russia, forms “Japan - Russia Cultural Forum” with artists, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists of both countries, aiming for progression of cultural exchange between Japan and Russia
“Bessatsu - Tanizaki Junichiro” (composition by Suzuki), Shizuoka
“Ghosts―Bessatsu - Ibsen” (composition by Suzuki), Shizuoka
“King Lear” directed for the repertory of Moscow Art Theatre (artistic director, Oleg Tabakov), Moscow
“Byouin Nagaya no Nihonjintachi” (composition by Suzuki), Shizuoka
“The Stranger in the Junkyard Shantytown” (composition by Suzuki based on Maxim Gorky’s Lower Depth), Shizuoka
“Cyrano de Bergerac” , “Oedipus Rex” , “Ivanov” , and “King Lear” performed in sequence, Tokyo
“Bessatsu -Betsuyaku Minoru ‐ A and B, and a Woman” (composition by Suzuki), Shizuoka
Resigns the General Artistic Director of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
“Madame de Sade” (by Yukio Mishima), Shizuoka
“Electra”co-produced directed for the repertory of Taganka Theatre (artistic director, Yuri Lyubimov), Moscow
“The Stranger in the Junkyard Shantytown” produced for the 14th BeSeTo Theatre Festival, in three different languages by actors from Japan, China and Korea, Tokyo
“Electra” co-produced by Ansan Arts Center and Arko Arts Theatre of Korea
“Kachi Kachi Yama at the Junkyard Shantytown”, Toga
Opera “La Traviata”, Shizuoka