Suzuki Toga Summer Camp 2018

The Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT), as part of its international arts programming, will host the “Suzuki Toga Summer Camp” as follows:
The program is held as part of the SCOT Summer Season 2018 in Toga, where the company has been based since 1976. The program teaches the basic physicality and ideas of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, conceived by Tadashi Suzuki and SCOT. The program also includes observation of SCOT training and rehearsals, theatre lectures, and a chance to see performances from the SCOT Summer Season 2018. Participants will experience Toga’s unique environment for creating theatre during their stay.
Training will be conducted by SCOT members, under the direction of Tadashi Suzuki. The main languages used are English and Japanese.
The dates for the program are yet to be confirmed, but it will be held for a period of two weeks in August.
Tuition for the program is 100,000 JPY, which covers room and board while in Toga. Participants are also responsible for their international air travel to Japan, and domestic transportation to Toga.
If you are willing to commit yourself to an intensive training workshop in Toga, please contact us at Once the dates for the program are confirmed, we will send you an application form.
Please note that the Suzuki Toga Summer Camp is designed for actors and directors who wish to learn the training, not for people who plan to teach it.
Suzuki Company of Toga